How many people are familiar with the fantastic holiday destination Madeira. At about 700 kilometers to the west of Africa, lies the beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. This island with a volcanic origin has few sandy beaches for that reason and with more beaches it would certainly be better known. It belongs to Portugal and lies approximately 850 kilometers south-west of this country.

What you probably did not know is that delicious beers have been served on this island since 1872 when the first Coral Beers came on the market, although then under a different name. Coral has already won 117 Monde Selection awards until 2007 and is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Madeiran Beverages is the exclusive importer of Coral beer and Brisa soft drinks for the Netherlands. If you, as an entrepreneur, are interested in selling our product, you can contact us via the number at the top of the website.

In our selection you will find the following beers: Coral Branca Lager (5.3% Vol), Coral Tónica Stout (5.1% Vol), Coral Branca Non-alcoholic Lager (0.5% Vol), Coral Tónica Non-alcoholic Stout (0.5% Vol) , Coral Puro Malte (5% Vol), Coral Special in a can (4.8% Vol), and Zarco (5% Vol). You can compare Coral on Madeira with Heineken in the Netherlands, everyone loves it and drinks it. In addition to beer, we also import soft drinks from the same factory, called Brisa. We will not list all of these, there are too many different ones. You can view it on our product page.

Here you will also find another product that we bring to the market in the Netherlands, namely the Atlantida spring water. There are 3 versions: with colic, without carbon, with lemon.

Coral Premium